Do Moving Companies Legitimately Ask for a Deposit?

Most legitimate moving companies will only ask for a small upfront payment. Many don't even require a down payment, but rather payment upon delivery. However, some moving companies may request a significant deposit in advance, claiming it is for a higher level of service, better price, or more convenient time frame. This could be a scam, as the company may disappear or provide poor service after receiving the deposit.

Additionally, some moving companies may request cash deposits to ensure the customer is serious about booking their services. Pick-up on delivery (COD) costs will be paid before the moving company unloads the truck, which is an insurance policy for them in case the customer cancels the move. Reliable local moving companies will allow you to make deposit payments however you want, so it is best to opt for a trackable payment method such as credit card. Charging a mobile deposit does not indicate the legitimacy or reliability of a company; a good moving company is just as likely to request a deposit or not.

Moving services are time consuming and costly, so companies don't want to send a team just to find out that the customer has already moved or hired another carrier. Therefore, they charge deposits to ensure that the customer does not cancel the reservation at the last minute and guarantee the agreed agreement and set their schedule. When looking for help moving and comparing services of different moving companies, it is important to compare their payment policies and find out if they charge a deposit or not before making your choice. You may have to pay in advance if the moving company requests it, and you can also decide to tip the moving company if you like their work.

Irene Mccravy
Irene Mccravy

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