How to Ensure Your Items are Handled Properly by a Moving Company

The moving company should provide you with a brochure that contains information about your rights and responsibilities as a shipper of household items. This brochure should also outline their procedures for dealing with your questions and complaints. It is essential to ask about the experience of the moving crew, as your belongings are valuable and require special care. Items that need special storage are those that could be damaged or ruined by extreme temperatures or humidity, such as collections of wines, works of art, or antiques made of wood, such as an antique clock.

Objects that require special handling during a move can be large, uncomfortably shaped objects, such as garden sculptures, or excessively heavy pieces, such as pianos. Once the piano has been safely moved out of the house, it should be stored in a temperature-controlled storage facility. Suddath moving teams can carry packaging supplies that are protective enough to move fragile items, such as relic frames, textiles and decorative items. Once the goods have been loaded, the moving company is contractually obliged to provide the service described in the bill of lading.

Setting a delayed pickup or delivery date does not exempt the carrier from liability for damages resulting from the failure to provide the service as agreed. If the weight of the shipment at the time of weighing is different from the weight determined at the source, the transport company must recalculate the charges based on the weight of the weighing. You must notify the moving company when making the arrangements for the move if you want to be notified of the weight and charges. This can happen if the moving company has underestimated the cubic feet of space needed for shipping, with the result that not all of them will fit in the first truck.

This means that companies across the country trust us to move and store their exclusive items, which range from arcade games of all shapes and sizes, electronic products, medicines, food and other delicate products. Of course, before you have to worry about the storage needs of your wine collection, you'll need to pack it securely and ready to move. There are also laws in place to ensure that problems between moving companies and customers related to loss or damage to property and unfair pricing are resolved. If the moving company offers this service, consider reserving space for more than what is needed in order to account for any margin of error.

Moving items in a game room can be especially difficult, as they tend to be large, bulky, delicate, or all three. The moving company can also determine the weight of your shipment at its destination at unloading time. If an error is discovered after payment has been made, you should write to the transport company (the address will appear on the transport invoice) explaining the error and request a refund. The moving company must inform you of the specific location of each scale that will be used and give you a reasonable opportunity to be present.

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