Do movers expect everything in boxes?

So, technically, does everything have to be in boxes for moving? Well, not everything can be. So, while the general rule is to pack in boxes what can fit in boxes, you'll still want to know how to move your furniture safely. We offer Atlas stretch film, a resistant, flexible and transparent material made from recycled plastic. Protect your fine fabrics from dirt, dust and stains during the move. What's even better news? You don't have to request it, we include it at no extra cost.

Moving professionals can build a wooden box to the specific dimensions of an item. The case is sturdy and offers excellent protection against damage and fits to measure, so it will be perfect for the item, regardless of its shape and size. A box can fit a lot of objects, so when taking a box out of the house and loading it into the moving truck, the movers load all of these objects at once. In addition, it should be noted that no moving company in the United States will be responsible for damage that occurs to the contents of their own transport box.

So, does everything have to be in boxes for moving? Will professionals agree to carry loose or packaged items in bags, baskets, buckets, or other alternative packaging containers? Before I begin to address this topic, let me tell you that moving professionals pack the boxes and load the moving truck. Each company has their own policy, so you should discuss the matter with the moving company of your choice, and it's best to write down their box policy in writing to avoid misunderstandings. If the moving company requires everything to be packed in boxes and you don't have replacement boxes, you'll have to buy them some or pay them to pack (or repackage) your items for you; it'll cost you a lot of money. So, when you talk to your moving company about packaging, understand that it's about packing boxes and not loading the truck.

In short, packing in boxes will ensure the safety of your items and will make your move easier and more efficient. Plus, since moving companies strive to ensure safety and efficiency, they want everything packed in boxes. Keep in mind that there are prohibited items that your carriers will not move, regardless of whether they are packed in boxes or not. It's best to buy uniformly sized boxes because moving companies stack boxes inside the truck (as shown below) and uniform box sizes allow for more uniform loads to be created to better protect the shipment.

And within that group, AMSA's findings show that approximately 33% will use moving services, such as trucks and professional moving companies. Of course, moving companies will be responsible for moving those items: they will wrap them in moving blankets, bubble wrap or other suitable protective materials to keep them safe during the move and will store them carefully in the moving truck so that they do not move or tip over during transport. You may also be interested in the fact that when a moving company refers to packing, they are referring to packing boxes, not to the truck (moving companies pack the boxes and loading the truck).

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