How do you know if a moving company is good?

Find out if a moving company is certified by the American Moving & Storage Association and also check the Better Business Bureau and other online directories. If they don't pay, moving companies can unpack your belongings and leave them on the street or sell them.

Moving companies

must inspect your home in person and provide you with a free quote before booking your move. After completing this inspection, the estimator will give you an updated estimate with the actual price of your move.

To set customers' moving dates, moving companies usually request a deposit before managing any of their belongings, especially when they move within the same city. To confirm the credentials of a moving company that claims to be certified, visit this DOT site and select “carrier search.” As most international moving companies pay in advance for shipping and destination services, it is common practice to request payment before providing services. Real moving companies won't ask you to sign anything or pay them a cent until they make a quote at home to accurately assess how much your shipment will weigh. After giving you an instant quote, most real moving companies will send an estimator to your home to inspect everything you're moving.

Companies that try to scam you often skip your housing budget and simply ask you to sign a moving contract or to pay them in advance for the price they have estimated. In the worst case scenario, unscrupulous moving companies have been known to leave and disappear with everything they have in the van. Legitimate moving companies must arrive in a truck with their logo on it and carriers must arrive in uniform with identifiable logos and labels. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires moving companies to provide a free in-home quote.

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