When to Pay Moving Companies: Before or After the Move?

Accredited moving companies will not require cash or any major deposits before you move. If you pay in advance, you have no control over when you'll see your belongings again. The short answer is that you almost always pay moving companies after the move is complete. This is the rule among all reliable companies, including those offering Junk Removal services. A good and honest moving company will ask for payment after the move is finished.

Although they can ask for a deposit, they won't demand a lot of money up front. It's important to avoid paying before the movers download, as this could lead to scams on the part of the moving company. At most companies, you'll pay carriers after they unload, at the time of delivery. This is quite common in the moving industry.

Unless your move is a long-distance move or requires a lot of labor, most moving companies won't require large deposits. When it comes to payment, it's best to use a credit card to help combat any fraudulent activity. Pick-up on delivery (COD) costs will be paid before the moving company unloads the truck, which means that, as soon as they arrive at the destination, the driver will request payment before unloading your belongings from the truck. On the other hand, moving companies should never require payment in cash, especially if you have already agreed on another payment method.

In local removals, payment is generally made when the crew has almost or completely finished unloading and preparing everything. The only reason moving companies may require deposits is if the move is considered labor-intensive or if it's a long-distance move. Reliable local moving companies will allow you to make deposit payments however you want, so it's best to opt for a trackable payment method (credit card). It's not absolutely necessary to pay for lunch from the moving company, but if you think you've received excellent service and want to pay for your meal, then you can.

If you've thoroughly researched your moving companies and hired a reputable and experienced company, a 10% deposit may be reasonable. However, there are exceptions, so it's vital to know what your payment options are early in the selection process, long before signing a contract. But if the move is big (more expensive) or you're not completely sure that they're highly reliable, you should make the payment with one of the major credit cards.

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