What items will a mover not move?

Mayflower recommends that you read the following information before packing so that you can separate these prohibited items from the rest of your belongings. If you have questions about a particular item, contact your Mayflower moving coordinator for clarification. See how to properly pack and move indoor plants. Most families take their pets in the car and plan ahead for stops at pet-friendly hotels along the way.

Check out our tips for moving with pets. Perishable foods are another major obstacle when moving. If you're moving from east to west states, such as California, Washington and Oregon, you'll also need to submit a gypsy moth certification form for items you take outdoors. If you use a moving company associated with Move for Hunger, the moving company can pick up unwanted food and take it to the local food bank.

If an agent discovers an object that is outside the house in the van or appears in the inventory and there is no certification form, the entire moving truck could be quarantined. We've compiled a list of items that moving professionals don't want or can't carry in their trucks for whatever reason. Each professional moving company will have their own version of the list of prohibited items that are not allowed, that is, a detailed list of non-transportable items that you should not bother to pack or prepare for packing simply because the moving company you choose will not pack or move them for you.

Moving companies

that are dedicated to ensuring a smooth moving experience, such as Mayflower, will provide you with an important list of items that moving companies will not move.

Finally, Mayflower recommends that you carry important sentimental or personal items with you at all times during the move. In addition, moving companies may refuse to transport items that are irreplaceable, that have deep sentimental value, or that have extraordinary value. Some of the items that moving companies can't move are also illegal, so it's not just about moving companies being too cautious, but also about professional moving companies complying with the law. How to prepare for moving: Moving home isn't as simple as hiring a moving company and “voila, everything is done.” Once again, check directly with the professional moving company you hired for their list of prohibited items.

While moving companies can transport your grill or smoker, some of the items related to them cannot be moved. No matter how good the moving company is, some steps will have to be taken so that moving companies can do their job properly.

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