What Payment Options Are Available From a Moving Company?

The second option for payment when using a moving company is certified bank check or money order. Cash is also accepted. Atlas Moving Services accepts payment in cash, e-check, ACH, bank transfer, or credit card. You can also use a cashier's check, traveler's check, or e-check through their customer portal.

When it comes to local moves of more than 25 miles, a flat rate move is recommended. This allows you to "move now and pay later" with the option of using a credit card. Many credit cards offer a money-back option, so you may be able to get a significant amount back in the form of a gift card, cash, or bill credit. Just be sure to return the payment the following month to avoid interest accruing on the credit card like it would with a personal loan. For long distance moves, you may be asked for a deposit up front.

Be sure to read the small print to find out if there is an opening fee or penalty for prepaying the loan if you can pay it off early. Pick-up on delivery (COD) costs must also be paid before the moving truck is unloaded. Tipping is always an option when the moving company does a good job unloading your belongings and taking them inside your new home. However, it is important to note that any major credit card is accepted by accredited moving companies and cash should not be used. Your Hometown Mover is a professional moving company that will move you from your old location to the new. The cost of moving can be high due to the need for moving equipment and transportation services.

It is important to note that payment methods must be specified in advance in the moving contract. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot afford the cost of your move, there are other options for financing your move. You may want to wait until your mortgage closes before opening a new credit card or applying for a loan to pay for your move. If you have an issue with the moving company, you can ask your card issuer to issue a chargeback.

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