Do movers pack boxes or furniture first?

Then the square furniture comes, it's loading it behind the boxes. The boxes form the first layer and are stacked against the wall closest to the cabin. Then comes the square furniture: if you place it behind the boxes, you're supposed to keep it safer during transport. Mattresses and box springs are placed behind square furniture (with flat, fragile objects between them).

The headboards are placed vertically behind the box springs and the sofas are placed next to the mattresses (parallel to them) to keep them in place. If there is any appliance, it is placed behind the armchairs. All other things are loaded later. When packing your rental truck, think (and carry) like a moving professional.

Professional carriers move the heaviest and largest items first. Usually, this means large furniture and heavy appliances. Once the heavy items are in the truck, the carriers will load the moving boxes and the remaining items. Then start loading the biggest and heaviest boxes.

Place the boxes over the appliances and furniture, filling in any gaps that may remain under the tables, under the desks and in the seats of the chairs. Make sure that heavy boxes do not contain any fragile objects. When you wake up on the day of the move, your belongings should be packed, labeled and ready to be loaded into the truck. You may have to pack some toiletries and bedding the morning of the move, but the vast majority of things need to be packed in advance.

This allows carriers to arrive and get to work immediately. You need to know how to properly pack a moving truck to maximize available space and minimize the risk of damaging your belongings. If you don't have a budget, you could save a lot of time and energy by hiring White Glove to pack and unpack your home, especially if you don't know how to prepare for moving. These professional moving companies are labour-only moving companies that specialize in loading and unloading services, or full-service moving companies that send workers to carry out labour-only moves.

The exact time it will take for professionals to complete the task depends on the number and type of items that need to be loaded and the number of people involved in the process. The order in which a moving truck is loaded is essential both for optimizing space and for the safety of your belongings, so before you start loading, you must know how to position your furniture and boxes in the right way. Moving companies have their own protocols, but measures such as disinfecting high-touch areas (such as doorknobs) during the move can be useful. Accredited moving companies will bring all their own supplies, such as rolling platforms, hand trucks, moving blankets, door stops, and tools for disassembling furniture.

COVID-19 protocols may prevent moving companies from accepting refreshments, but this gesture is likely to be appreciated. It's also a good idea to place some waterproof cloths, tarps or large blankets to prevent the floor from being scratched when moving heavy furniture. If you only hire moving companies, not balers, then you'll need to know the right ways to pack for the move. When choosing a rental truck for your next move, be sure to consider the size of your furniture and belongings, the distance you'll be moving, and gas prices.

Trying to save money at the last minute is poor behavior when moving and demonstrates a lack of respect for carriers. To avoid potential confusion during the move, make sure you or someone else has an inventory list that includes boxes and furniture to mark as items move from your old home to your new one. Other important packaging materials to keep on hand include a mattress bag to cover the mattress and mobile straps to hold the items in place. Make sure you find a truck that fits your needs, is the right size, and allows you to carry all your belongings without having to pack the truck a second time.

The goal of your move is to do it efficiently, so consider the size of the truck you need for what you are going to take with you...

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